Project converted 6,300 square feet of vivarium space into 3,000 square feet of flexible laboratory space and 3,300 square feet of IWP with break area. Flexible laboratory included 14 low flow fume hoods and mobile casework. Project utilized flexible utility layout with ceiling interface panels and utility distribution piping with quick disconnects.

Renovation of 2,900 square foot laboratory space. Renovation included 2,500 square feet of open lab space and 500 square feet for a cell culture lab. Spaces were separated using a demountable wall system mounted to a service ceiling. Service ceiling is laid out in an 8’x8’ grid system which allows for service columns and walls to be easily relocated. Building utility systems were routed in a loop with quick disconnects every 5 feet to allow for movement of service columns. Electricity was routed using a bus duct system to allow for easy relocation of electrical equipment. Energy saving features included LED lights, low flow fume hoods with zone presence sensors and sash monitors, and VAV HVAC system.

  • Flexible Chemistry Lab
  • Renovation
  • 2,900 sf

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