Aisin USA Manufacturing, Inc.

Seymour, IN
One-story, 600,000+ square feet
Office and plant

Aisin Seiki Co., LTD. first located in the Midwest in 1985. MNA assisted in the masterplanning of 80 acres for Aisin in a new industrial park in Seymour. A 154,000 square-foot office and manufacturing facility was built. Since then, four subsequent additions and numerous other projects have been completed by MNA engineers. The Seymour site now totals more than 600,000 square feet of production area.

Other Aisin Seiki companies assisted include:
• Aisin Brake and Chassis, Inc.
• Aisin Drivetrain, Inc.
• Aisin Electronics Illinois, LLC.
• Aisin Light Metals, LLC.
• Aisin Manufacturing Illinois, LLC

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